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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

1. What is a "jurisdiction" in the sense of the jurisdiction finder?

A body – which can be a department in an office, a municipality, a district or a city, a chamber or the state or federal government – is then responsible for a service if you as a citizen should contact this office in order to regulate the described facts.

2. Who do I turn to if there is more than one competent body?

There can be more than one jurisdiction for a service. The service explains for which aspect you can contact which competent body. If there are no special aspects to consider, then you have the choice with which of the specified authorities you get in touch – for example, with the one that is more convenient for you.

The Point of Single Contact (EA) is an organisational unit to which the citizen can turn as an alternative to the organisational unit which is actually competent in terms of subject expertise. The EA then coordinates the individual steps and contacts the relevant technical authorities. Therefore, the services of the EC Services Directive are assigned at least two competent organisational units.

3. What is a "service" in the sense of the responsibility finder?

A "service" describes, so to speak, the administrative act – i.e. the "How?". It describes situations in which you usually have to contact an authority or chamber. "Services" can also describe such situations that are not connected with any competent authority, for example, if there is freedom of approval.

The services in the responsibility finder are structured according to a uniform structure ("Service description", "Who do I have to contact?", "What documents are required?", etc.).

4. How do I find the services?

You have different paths within the responsibility finder at your disposal:

Navigate through the Matters for citizens and companies: Depending on your current situation, you will find thematically summarized information about the matter for citizens and companies on the left side of the screen and, after entering the location, the responsible office.

Search for a search term: In the search field (in the middle of the screen page), describe in individual words which topic you are looking for information on. After entering the relevant location, you will recognize the responsible body.

Click from A to Z: After selecting a letter at the top left of the screen, you will find all administrative services sorted by initial letter. Enter the relevant location and you will recognize the responsible body.

Search directly for forms: You already know the title of a form you are looking for? Then search for it directly via the search mask "Forms" combined with the place where you want to submit the application.

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